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 Jutsu Rules

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Kagami Uzumaki
Kagami Uzumaki

PostSubject: Jutsu Rules   Mon May 23, 2016 4:26 pm

1.) All jutsu must be created according to the templates. If a jutsu fails to do so, you will be told how to correct by a mod or admin.

2.) Any jutsu can be defeated, however they must have a minimum of 10 power higher than the other jutsu to defeat it. However, if the element is the element that is weaker than your element, you require a minimum of 20 power higher than it to be on par, and 15 above to beat. However, if the weaker element jutsu fails to reach the necessary 10 minimum, it will be overpowered.
-Jutsu Power Range-
E Rank = 1 - 10
D Rank = 11 - 20
C Rank = 21 - 40
B Rank = 41 - 55
A Rank = 56 - 70
S Rank = 71 - 100

3.) Bump is permitted if you do not get a response immediately, however only one bump is permitted per every 24 hours. If more than one bump is placed, then the jutsu requested will be trashed.

4.) If you cannot use a custom jutsu, please refrain from requesting it. It prevents others from having it.
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Jutsu Rules
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