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 Wood Style: Wood Dragon

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Kagami Uzumaki
Kagami Uzumaki

PostSubject: Wood Style: Wood Dragon   Sat May 28, 2016 12:10 pm

Jutsu Name: Wood Dragon

Element: Wood Style

Rank: S Rank

Description: The user creates a wooden serpentine dragon that can move out and wrap around their opponents. It is capable of absorbing the users chakra if the user pleases. Up to 3 heads on the dragon can be created at once. The dragons must be destroyed by destroying the head, otherwise, it will regenerate. The dragon can also explode on the target causing significant damage. Enough to destroy a level 2 EMS susano'o. Each dragon is 30 meters high, and 100 meters in length.


Duration: Until destroyed, or user calls it off.

Range: Can travel up to 100 meters.

Power: 90

Execution Speed: 40

Creation Speed: 70

Durability: 90

Canon or Custom: Canon
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Wood Style: Wood Dragon
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