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 Uchiha Clan

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Kagami Uzumaki
Kagami Uzumaki

PostSubject: Uchiha Clan   Sun May 22, 2016 4:42 pm

Clan Name: Uchiha

Stat Boosts: Speed

* Uchiha Shuriken Technique
* All Gunbai Techniques (Requires Gunbai)

Kekkai: Sharingan: 2 Tomoe
* +15 Reflex/+5 Speed

Sharingan: 3 Tomoe
* +30 Reflex/+15 Speed
*Sharingan Genjutsu
*Copy Ninjutsu (Up to C Rank jutsu)
*Izanagi (Requires teaching)
*Izanami (Requires teaching)

Mangekyo Sharingan
* +45 Reflex/ +25 Speed
*Mangekyo Sharingan Genjutsu
*Copy Ninjutsu (Up to B Rank jutsu)
*Izanagi (Requires teaching)
*Izanami (Requires teaching)
*Mangekyo Ability 1
*Mangekyo Ability 2
*Susano'o (No Kamui allowed)

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan
* +60 Reflex/ +40 Speed
* E. Mangekyo Sharingan Genjutsu
* Copy Ninjutsu (Up to A Rank jutsu)
* Izanagi (Requires training)
* Izanami (Requires training)
* Mangekyo Ability 1
* Mangekyo Ability 2
* Mangekyo Ability 3
* Susano'o (No Kamui allowed)

Description: The Uchiha use the Sharingan to gain a prominent edge in battle. Very few have ever ascended above 3 tomoe, and those that do, have received powers that are extremely leathal to the unsuspecting person. The Uchiha are famed as the Senju clan's rival, and the only clan on par to their Wood Style.
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Uchiha Clan
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